Who We Are

About Certified Window Fashions


Window coverings and improving the décor and lifestyle of our community has been a practice of ours for over 30 years is South West Florida.  We are a local company that only provides our customers with elite service, design, installation.  The quality of our blinds, shades, and drapes are undisputedly the best in the nation.

Captivating design and Superior Service

Collaborating with a personalized design expert allows our customers a unique tailored solution to their window and glass door needs.  Our blinds, shades, drapes and automated features ensure that all customers not only feel stylish and secure but also smart.  Our products enhance our customers’ financial portfolios by saving economically on energy expenses and improving safety features in severe storm situations.

Certified Window Fashions offers cutting edge automated window treatments.  Our installation team and design experts allow you to unwind and enjoy the beauty of SouthWest Florida while we cater to your custom style and create a unique experience that adds to the visual austerity that the nature of Southwest Florida provides.


We cater to our community by establishing a   personal collaborative partnership. We are committed to your complete satisfaction.  Your personal style, budget, or unique window treatment challenge, will not deter us from finding the superior solution for your home. We will help you take your dreams and visions from an idea to a reality that is rock star status!

Why We’re Different

We are proud to offer a huge variety of different custom window solutions for you to peruse and select a style from. With our winning team, you no longer need to simply focus on one type or style of treatment, such as only hard treatments like shutters or only soft treatments like drapes, we can style your home with an array of window designs tailored to each room and its purpose.  We do it all! We work with homeowners, small business owners, and large companies; no job is turned down for its unique window needs. The possibilities of our window designs are endless.

Our Mission: A continuous community of customers

We’re fully committed to your complete satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied but collaborate with other community members to ensure they are utilizing our creme of the crop window treatments.   Thanks to our individual and outgoing designers’ personal touch, extensive in-home/in-office consultations, and design expertise, we’re confident that you’ll be as proud of your custom window coverings as we are.

The last thing that most people consider when looking at renovating or purchasing a new home are window treatments. Many new homeowners don’t even think of window treatments until the first day they move in and discover that the whole neighborhood can watch them fixing dinner, or the sun is making it impossible to see their TV! Let us show you how we can save you money, improve safety and energy, increase your privacy and add unique style.   Before that first reaction is – we need blinds and we need them NOW! When you get to this moment the most simplistic and easiest thought is WHITE BLINDS – EVERYWHERE! Don’t be eluded by other blind companies’ quick fixes. That is a costly choice that can often lead you frustrated and spending much more to cover up what seemed like a logical quick fix.  

Let’s face it – window coverings are an investment. Let our variety of fabrics, blinds and shades transform your home utilizing motorized or traditional movement styles.  The architectural challenges are a thing of the past. Your family, friends, and clients will be wowed by your window treatments. Our window designs allow for optimal optical illusions that allow you do use decor that optimizes your space. 


Small Space Illusions

The trick to optimizing space in the living room is choosing dual-purpose furniture that can be used for more than one thing, such as a sofa or ottoman that folds out into a bed, or a couch that includes built-in storage. Illusions and Color are decorative elements and can project light around the room and give the impression of a larger space. Our designers can not only help you understand how color and shape design can add functionality, but how your window treatments can add further enhancements and make what seemed small space into an aura of magical decor. 


Finish Your Interior Design Beautifully with Custom Window Treatments

Call today and schedule your FREE in-home design consultation,  We are local and community-oriented. Our custom window coverings are customized from coast to coast.   Collaborate with us and we will customize a design that will surely be the creme of the crop and make your home or business a visual masterpiece.